If you`re self-employed, all you probably need is an affidavit of yourself. If you work for someone else, you must also get an affidavit from your employer or supervisor. If you plead not guilty and the judge decides that you are not guilty, you will not lose your usual driver`s license, so you will not need a work permit. If the judge finds you guilty, you can apply for a work permit. If you plan to plead not guilty, you must prepare your work permit application and supporting documents and prepare them in case you are found guilty. You should also try to get a copy of QP9 (a written summary of the police version of why you were charged and what happened) from the police prosecutor`s office. You should seek legal advice. If the judge refuses to issue a special distress order, your driver`s licence suspension will be requested again for the remaining period minus the time spent before the application is filed. You should use this guide with legal advice. Never make decisions without first talking to a lawyer. Important: Before seeking legal advice, you must have a copy of your driving history that you can show to the lawyer. This is available at a Ministry of Transportation and Major Roads customer service centre by filling out a form and paying a fee. Alternatively, you may be able to get a free copy of Queensland Traffic Outcomes from the Police Prosecutor`s Office along with your QP9.

This will be enough sometimes, but if you dispute anything about your traffic history or the conditions of your licence, you will need to obtain your traffic history from the Ministry of Transportation and Main Roads. You should also ask for your PQ9 before consulting a lawyer. Contact your local police/police prosecutor`s office to find out how. If you need a special distress order for education, health care, or any other special reason (unrelated to the loss of your job or income) because you will experience severe and unusual hardship without a driver`s license, your affidavit should also include: – Your temporary or open driver`s license has been suspended, cancelled or disqualified (with some exceptions, for example: The court must also make sure that you are fit and fit to have a driver`s licence. In order to support our clients in the event of adverse traffic, we generally recommend that they attend a driving workshop prior to the hearing. Otherwise, we highlight the good history of our customers to show that the incident was atypical. Work permit – a court-ordered driver`s licence that allows you to drive to work even if your regular driver`s licence has been revoked for impaired driving or a similar offence. At the hearing, your case begins with your admission of guilt to the relevant charges, and the magistrate then reviews your application for a work permit.

You can apply if you need your driver`s licence to get to and from work. However, you will need to prove that there is no public transport available and that you have no one to drive you. Traffic offences are commonplace and pose a particular danger to traders on the road. Our experienced traffic lawyers represent clients on the Gold Coast and have excellent experience in assisting those who retain their driver`s licence. Even in cases where exclusion is mandatory, reducing the exclusion period can cause people to return to work several months earlier than they would otherwise. You can get an affidavit from a post office or from the Department of Justice and Attorney General website. If you don`t have an affidavit, you may need another security document to support your application for a special distress order. The type of document you need, what you want to say in the affidavit and who it comes from depends on why you need your licence. For example: your driver`s license ban will be lifted until the day before the hearing. If you plead guilty to the crime, it probably isn`t worth applying for a Section 79E license, as you will be disqualified if the court hears your case. If you are applying for a work permit, it is preferable to have your work permit application heard as soon as possible than to apply for an S79E licence and apply for a work permit shortly thereafter. The original and two copies of the documents must be submitted to the registry of the district court of the court chamber or district where you reside within 21 days of the suspension of your license.

You must pay the court application fee. Check with the court for current fees. The registrar stamps the documents and gives you a hearing date. They keep the original documents and return both copies to you. We often receive applications from people seeking help with an unsuccessful attempt to apply for a work permit simply because they did not prepare properly and did not understand the process.