Restrictions exist for cannabis establishments, liquor establishments, prisons, courthouses or school buses. Local laws may apply. The wording of the law gives the impression that any secret carrying of knives is illegal, stating that someone who „secretly carries” a blade to hide it has broken the law. When I was 15, I was charged with several nonviolent crimes in South Carolina as an adult. I currently live in North Carolina and am curious about whether I can legally carry a knife, hidden or open, and of what type? I`ve read everything on your page regarding the 2 states, but I`m still not clear. Thanks to Alabama, Alabama has some of the best knife laws in the United States. If you don`t like legal language, here are the basics of what knives are legal under Alabama`s knife laws. It is legal to possess a dirk, dagger, knife, balisong, bowie, hunting knife, throwing knife and throwing stars. It is illegal to possess switch blades and knives, which are an integral part of a belt buckle. It is illegal to possess dirt, dagger or switch blade on school or daycare property or in a vehicle owned by one of them. It is illegal to hide dirt, a dagger, a machete, a knife that is part of a belt buckle or a knife that could be considered a dangerous or deadly weapon. You can legally carry a pocket knife or openly carry any knife that is legally in possession.

Steak knives are not considered dirks or daggers (thank God). Machetes cannot be hidden. Local restrictions may apply. Drawing dirt, sword, knife, sword stick or any other deadly weapon and throwing them in a rude, angry or threatening manner in the presence of 2+ people in a situation that is not self-defense is illegal. You can own Bowie knives, large knives, throwing stars, throwing knives, camouflaged knives, undetectable knives, dirks, daggers and stiletto heels. Butterfly knives are illegal. Switching blades are illegal. If a knife is considered a dangerous weapon, it cannot be hidden or carried openly. There are no knives that can only be carried one way or the other. You can hide any knife you want, as long as it`s not dirt, dagger, or similar blade.

Tactical knives and Bowie knives are not dangerous weapons unless you use them that way. Tears or daggers in the car are illegal. No weapons on school grounds. (Source) And I thought we in America lived in a free society, but it`s still illegal to carry a knife. It seems that today you could be arrested for almost anything, but still, people who commit real crimes get away with it, and people who try to defend themselves get the well. I think I am confused about these laws. Each state has laws that have a length or type of knife that is illegal. I camp a lot and sometimes travel from state to state with all my gear to camp in state parks. If I have an 8-inch warehouse knife in my car while traveling, is it illegal? or if I`m in a state park and I have the knife hanging from my belt, is that illegal? All of these laws seem to only cover cities or towns, but I don`t want to be arrested for driving through a city with that knife in my car or for hiking in a state park while carrying it.

Am I thinking about it or could these laws ruin a camping trip? Butterfly knives, Bowie knives, large knives, throwing stars, throwing knives, camouflaged knives, push knives, stiletto heels, switch blades, dirks, daggers, spring-loaded ballistic knives, and undetectable knives are legal. You can own any knife you want, but there are limits to what you can carry. You cannot carry an open or hidden knife larger than 12 inches without permission. Once you get approved, there are no restrictions. Virginia`s knife law places few restrictions on non-automatic pocket knives with a folding metal blade less than three inches long. Concealment restrictions apply to „Dirks”, „Switchblade Knives” and „Bowie Knives”. You can hide a knife (if you are legally allowed to do so) without any problems. Knives can be considered dangerous weapons, and as such, you may not be able to give them to minors. (Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) „Knives that contain a set of pegs in the handle are illegal. You cannot legally wear a tomahawk (was this law enacted for Indians?). Gravity knives, also known as parachute knives, are illegal under the federal switching blade law.

It`s not just Missouri You can have a Swick blade What you have is the old law I spent a week talking to the TSA FBI Missouri Attorney General Sheriff Attorney General Let`s just say alphabet soup!!!! You do a Google search and the old law pops up, but it`s no more, I was told you were legal. Massachusetts law is confused about what is considered a dangerous weapon. The manufacture or sale of dirks, switch blades, automatic spring release knives, ballistic knives or knives with a device for pulling a locking blade in the open position is illegal. You can buy them in different states, except Massachusetts. If you are stopped and arrested on the way home from such a different state with one of these knives in your possession, you could be in serious legal trouble. Bringing knives into schools or school-related events is illegal. Local laws may apply. These are my two hundred non-specialists, legally non-binding, experience and research. You may not provide a Switchblade, Bowie or Dirk to a minor. Schools, churches, courthouses and airports may have restrictions. (Source 1), (Source 2) Anyone over the age of 18 can legally carry a knife under 5.5 inches almost anywhere. If you are under 18, you can only carry a knife with a blade larger than 5.5 inches under certain conditions, such as if you are accompanied by an adult, if you are at home or if you are on your way home.

Any adult can carry any blade over 5.5″, provided it is not in a restricted area. You cannot carry a blade larger than 5.5 inches to or from: schools or school buses, polling stations, courthouses, airports, racetracks, within 1000 minutes of an execution, sporting events, correctional facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, amusement parks, churches or other places of worship. (Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) You cannot sell or transfer a lethal weapon to minors. Certain local laws apply. It is legal to open or hide any type of hunting knife, or any knife that does not open automatically and has a legitimate purpose. You cannot carry a knife that is a prohibited assault weapon, and you cannot carry a knife on school grounds or courthouses. Blades set up by a switch, push button, spring-loaded mechanism or otherwise are considered restricted knives. You can legally possess almost any knife, as long as you can convince a police officer or judge that you possess it for ordinary legal purposes such as camping, hunting or fishing. (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3), (Source 4), (Source 5) In 2006, the legislator repealed the only law prohibiting the possession of any type of knives. The previous 22-14-19 law made it illegal for a person to possess, possess or sell a ballistic knife. Tennessee has strong knife laws. It is legal to possess any type of knife.

Neither the overt port nor the hidden port is illegal unless you have malicious intent. If you want to hurt someone, the law becomes very confusing. Do not carry a knife on school or university campuses. (Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) I share Lee Bell`s difficulties. All my questions about knife laws start with „where” and what I really want to know is which states with certain blades are banned. It is a great resource. I found an area where I was potentially illegal and didn`t even know it. Thank you very much! Balisongs are considered combat knives with no fitness for use (although their original creation in the Philippines is a utility knife), so even if it is less than 5″, it can still be considered a dangerous weapon. Camouflaged knives can be possessed, but must be left at home.

Transporting them out of your home is considered a secret port and is illegal. Carrying a „dangerous weapon” secretly is illegal unless you have a licence. It is illegal to be within 1,000 minutes of a school with a gun. (Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) So really, in Nebraska, you don`t really know if what you`re doing is illegal or not. If the judge is having a bad day or if the police officer has decided that he simply does not like you, you could be in very serious legal trouble because you are within the limits of the law, but not at the same time. It seems to me that Nebraska`s knife law is taking its toll. (Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) Pocket knives can be transported to Pennsylvania. Beacons/butterfly knives are legal.

Switch blades, gravimeters, automatic/assisted opening are legal. Stilettos, dirks and toothpick knives are legal. All folding knives are legal. Bowies are legal when worn openly. Bowies are legally hidden if you are on your own property. Double-sided knives of all sizes are legal.