§ 10. It will be the role of the ANA to develop technical studies for the development of best regulatory practices for primary public sanitation, as well as guides and manuals to support the development of these practices. 30. In accordance with the provisions of Article 29 of this Law, the remuneration and collection structure for public sewerage services must take into account the following factors: V – in informal urban centres inhabited by low-income populations, consider basic sanitation measures, if consolidated and not at risk. Despite the obvious success of the privatization of Cedae in Rio de Janeiro, the company`s president, Leonardo Soares, admits that the „dilemma” persists with regard to the municipalities of the state that have not joined the reference blocks for the regionalized provision of services provided for in the new legal framework. Another change brought by the new plumbing installation is that ANA will publish reference standards for solid waste management and stormwater drainage in cities. Both activities integrate basic sanitation as well as water supply, collection and wastewater treatment, because water is one. So-called subsidized bonds are other instruments for financing basic sanitation facilities. Federal Law No.

14.026, promulgated in July 2020, has been described as the new legal framework for sanitation. However, it is important to note that the country already had a legal framework for sanitation – Law No. 11.445/2007 – which was not repealed by the new law, but amended and many concepts are retained, but now on a new structure – structural axes – with universalization objectives in the legislative text and a strong incentive to regionalize the management of basic sanitation. § 1 – It is perceptible to the directors of ANA, as provided for in its articles of association, to have a direct or indirect interest in a company affiliated with Singreh and in a company related to the provision of basic sanitation services. (b) Regional sanitation unit: an entity created by the States by ordinary law and made up of a group of municipalities that are not necessarily at the limit to adequately meet hygiene and public health requirements or to ensure the economic and technical viability of disadvantaged communities; § 6 – The regulatory authority or the holder of public sanitation services sets a maximum period of one (1) year for users to connect their buildings to the sewer network, if necessary, under penalty of the provider who makes the connection when taking charge of the user. 10-B. Contracts approved under this Law, including additives and extensions, as well as those resulting from the call for tenders for the provision or concession of public sanitation services, shall be subject to proof of the contractor`s economic and financial capacity from its own resources or by taking on debt in order to ensure the universalisation of services within the period set no later than 31 December 2033. to allow the auction area.

pursuant to Art. 2 art.