To ensure that the shoulder straps are properly installed, they must be wrapped around the rod or cage in the right way. Once you`re done, you should only be able to see one of the experts. It should be next to the wiring harness. Remember that the belt must remain straight at all times. If it is twisted or tightened, you will have big problems. As there are no specific attachment points on a car, the manufacturer/installer must find the best route and place to mount the harness tapes, and may include drilling and screwing the harness mounts with appropriate support plates and material. Factory points are also to be taken into account, but we recommend that you do extensive research to make sure they are appropriate. The other option is to find a wiring harness rod that includes regulations for eye screws or screws such as gmg products that we have installed for customers, see below. In general, the rally should be used with spare seats (see this guide published by Schroth) that have access holes for the shoulder straps (this avoids winding the shoulder straps on the backrest and placing a load for which the seat is not designed on the seat back mechanism).

Winding Road Racing recommends that customers learn more about straight belt mounting brackets. When it comes to using a roll bar, we believe they should be used when using any type of non-OEM harness. Are running belts approved for the road? Unfortunately, the answer is most likely no. In the United States, racing belts have not been approved by the Department of Transportation. Therefore, they are not legal on the street. Only factory-installed seat belts would be considered legal on the road. The shoulder straps come with wrapped B23C bolt holders that can be easily removed to wrap a roll bar or belt rod. Think of ASM technology as an alternative to the subcontracting/crotch belt on a 5- or 6-point racing harness.

This will ensure that the fabric of the cable protects you completely. In turn, you will feel much better behind the wheel of your vehicle because you know you are protected. It could also help you avoid tickets and other issues in the future. If you install it yourself, something could go wrong. If you stick to one of them, there is a risk that your body will compress in the seat. This can put a lot of pressure on the spine. In turn, this could lead to injuries and other problems. This allows the running belt to be safer. The Schroth Rallye Cross harness is designed for use in road-legal cars, which are also used for track days or other events that do not require full wheel-to-wheel safety equipment.

Rally Cross has a conventional lap belt buckle to comply with the laws of some states that prevent the use of the camlock or pressure buckle used on racing belts. It is a four-point wiring harness with ASM technology. So, what are the advantages of a racing harness? Why would anyone want to upgrade if they are not considered legal on the road in many areas? Well, there are a lot of advantages. They are discussed in more detail below. It is also important that the belt is securely attached. It should not slide from side to side. You also need to make sure that there is the right distance between the anchor points. Straps may be needed to pass over each other. Make sure they don`t twist or get involved with each other. When this happens, there are a few options available to you. First of all, you need to prove that the racing harness actually did its job.

You must show that the belt has held you in place. At the same time, you need to prove that the harness was not defective at all. It must function properly and must not be hindered by abuse, defects, age or wear. All manufacturers are required to affix a date code to their racing belts. The date code is very similar to an expiry date on perishable foods. After the expiry date, the food is no longer considered safe for human consumption. Like the expiration date, the date code is the length of time the racing harness is valid. Many drivers are torn between the design of the 5- and 6-point harness.

Both designs offer stability, comfort and a high level of safety. However, many cyclists think that the 6-point harness design is better than the 5-point design. However, this is more a matter of preference than facts. The 5- and 6-point designs provide protection during normal use and collisions. But these designs are slightly different. The main difference is the number of lower belts that use the straps. The 5-point harness uses a lower belt, while the 6-point harness uses two. Are you sure you want to make it happen? Do you want to spend countless funds on the trial? Many people will say no. It`s up to you. If you`re willing to risk it and don`t mind fighting it in court, you should switch to a racing harness. Either way, you need to know the potential effects in advance. „ASM stands for Anti-SubMarining.

This is an extra material flap sewn into the inner shoulder strap and prevents you from slipping under the lap belt. In a 4-point harness from another company, the two straps hold your upper body evenly. They prevent your chest from moving forward. However, it also pulls on the lap belt, causing your pelvis to slide accelerated under the lap belt and severely damage your stomach and intestines. With ASM, one of the shoulder straps expands at a different speed, pushing your pelvis into the seat cushion. By bouncing, you will be brought back to an upright position, with the belt properly placed on your body. „You can claim that your injuries are directly related to the racing harness. In return, they may refuse to pay the claim. This is a big problem and it`s something you should try to avoid. These risks are just some of the main reasons why people are reluctant to use racing belts in their vehicles. In the end, it is better to rely on a professional.

You can`t risk installing the wiring harness incorrectly and getting into big trouble later. That being said, you need to find someone who actually installs racing harnesses. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest thing in the world. After all, many mechanics do not specialize in racing harnesses. You are rarely asked to install them. Instead, you need to think outside the box. You may need to visit a performance or specialty store. Here you will find people who know a lot about performance changes. If that doesn`t work, you can try talking to your dealer. They will most likely be able to point you in the right direction. Also check with the sanctioning authority or company you will be running with on the route.

Some of them prohibit 4-point belts, whether legal or not, whether they are equipped with ASM technology (see below), whether they are accompanied by an appropriate roll bar, etc. Have you ever thought about improving your car`s seat belts? After all, you want to be as safe as possible and you never know when an accident will happen. If that`s how you feel, you may have the urgency to switch to a racing harness. This is what great runners use, so it needs to be safer than the traditional seat belt. However, there is a small problem here. You can add a single or double lower belt to make this belt a 5- or 6-point harness at any time. Schroth tested this belt with a HANS device and the results were excellent. You can use a 4-point ASM beam with any HANS device. In almost every way, the running belt is better.

However, these benefits are thrown out the window if the wiring harness is not installed correctly. This makes the belt worse than your traditional seat belt. For this reason, it is usually better to hire a professional to install it. This ensures that everything is in order and that you are fully protected. The 3/2-inch shoulder strap is the most popular of all options. This design uses a 3-inch shoulder strap that is reduced to 2 inches to the point where the straps hit the neck and headrest. The only drawback of this design is that it is not recommended to use it alone. When using the 3/2-inch running belt, a headrest and neck system is required. It is worth paying a little more. Finally, you need to make sure that you are fully protected. You also need to worry about installation costs. Hiring a professional to install the wiring harness will be expensive.

Nevertheless, it will be worth it in the long run. After all, you don`t want to jeopardize your safety. Don`t do that! Hire a professional to make sure the installation is done correctly. In any case, be aware that a racing harness can provide you with additional protection. As long as the belt is installed correctly, it can be safer than your traditional seat belt. That said, it`s best to have a professional perform the installation for you. This will ensure that it is safe. Unfortunately, installing a racing belt is much more difficult than you can ever imagine. If you don`t do it right, you`re putting your safety at risk. That said, everything has to be perfect.