The increase in the number of stars on the island unlocks new milestones and rewards. After getting a 3-star rating for the first time, Tom Nook finished Project K by asking K.K. Slider to give a concert on the island. K.K.`s concert takes place the day after or the day after a pre-scheduled event, after which Tom Nook presents the Island Designer app to the player and K.K. visits the island every Saturday or Sunday (early Friday). After obtaining a rating of 5 stars for the first time, Isabelle rewards the player with the DIY recipe of the golden watering can and every week a lily of the valley appears on the island as long as the rating is valid. The European Hotelstars Union system is based on the old German Hotelstars system, which had strongly influenced hotel classifications in Central Europe, with five stars and a higher rating to mark extras. Instead of a bare minimum of room size and mandatory shower facilities (for example, a bathtub in a four-star hotel), there is a list of criteria with 21 qualifications that include 270 elements, some mandatory for a star and others optional. The main criteria are quality management, well-being and accommodation. [13] In the criteria catalogue, each entry is linked to a certain number of points – each Hotelstars level requires a minimum number of points, apart from the fact that some criteria are mandatory for the level.

[14] The minimum requirement for the Superior flag requires the same score as for the next Hotelstars level, but this was not awarded because at least one mandatory requirement was omitted. [14] „I started visiting the island because my brother had moved here, but I immediately fell in love with the place! Many communities are building so big and bright that you can barely see a star in the night sky. Not on (the player`s island)! I will be a regular visitor to its shores – and its sky – for a while! – be. When a program participates in the parent aware star rating process, it makes its stars shine. They volunteer for additional training and professional development to go beyond the basic requirements for health and safety permits. There are a variety of rating systems used by various organizations around the world. Many have a star system, with a greater number of stars indicating greater luxury. Forbes Travel Guide, formerly Mobil Travel Guide, introduced its star rating system in 1958. The AAA and its affiliates use diamonds instead of stars to express reviews of hotels and restaurants. To find out about your island rating, visit resident services and sit down at Isabelle`s counter*. If she asks what she can help, choose „Island evals”. Here, it shows you the number of stars on your island, a review from a villager or special character on your island, and tips on how to improve your island.

In recent years, reviews of alternative hotels have emerged to promote sustainability or cultural diversity in international tourism. [17] „(player`s island), man. To hear how cool it is. I would leave if I had the opportunity. -K.S.” ― K.K. Slider (only seen after reaching 3 stars for the first time) „He grew really well, like a big tree that receives a lot of love and care. I will visit a lot and try to copy his secret sauce for the success of my collective of artists! ― Harvey „Talkin` as one of the two birds that saw EVERYONE coming and going from here, this place is Goin` Places! Carry on! We would like to need a second plane one day. – Orville „I look forward to my Sunday visits. If Gram-Gram`s knees improve, it would be swollen to bring them! In Australia, the independent rating system for accommodation and the Star Rating brands (the „Stars”) are owned by the Australian automobile clubs – NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC, RAA and RACT. A star rating represents the quality and condition of the facilities and is determined by over 200 criteria ranked by Australian travellers based on what is important to them. Stars are awarded to properties in six accommodation categories after a physical inspection by qualified reviewers – hotels, motels, serviced apartments, bed and breakfasts, accommodation and caravan holiday parks. The island rating system is based on an internal rating system that results in a simplified rating of 1 to 5 stars.

Star rating values are divided into two distinct categories: development and landscape. To increase your star count, you need to reach certain thresholds in both of these categories. This results in the following hotel classification: 1-star hotel = budget accommodation 2-star hotel = mid-range accommodation 3-star hotel = high-end accommodation 4-star hotel = high-end accommodation 5-star hotel = very high quality accommodation. If there is one key criterion in the hotel industry, it is the staff, especially in a 4-star hotel. The employees owe it to the customers, who come here in search of a certain level and an exemplary quality of welcome. Courtesy and absolute discretion are the first qualities required of all levels of employees.